Generating PDFs of images with linux

Last week i get an interessting task. How to convert scanned documents from eg. jpeg or png to pdf? With Linux this should easily be possible, i thought. So, i started googleing arround and found two very usefull tools. ImageMagick and pdftk.
I had a couple of pngs where some of them were continuous pages of one scanned document. In the first step i tried to convert all files to pdfs and then i wanted to join the pdfs to one single document.
For the first step i used convert from the ImageMagick-Toolkit. I wrote a small shellscript that does the whole work for me 😉

for i in $(ls -1); do convert $i $i.pdf; done;

This does all the conversions for me and i got a lots of pdf-files in the directory.
The next step was the compounding of the files. My researches brought up the pdftk. A tool, which fits my whole needs and is simple to use. All i had to do was

pdftk file1.pdf file2.pdf file3.pdf cat output out.pdf

then i got my designated pdf-file in out.pdf .

I love my linux-system 😀

Frohe Weihnachten oder Mele Kalikimaka 2008

Gleich ist auch schon wieder Weihnachten und das Jahr neigt sich dem Ende zu. Gibt eigentlich nicht wirklich viel zu sagen, als frohe Weihnachten, viele bunte Geschenke und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr.
Und damit sich alle vorstellen können, lustig man Weihnachten feiern kann, habe ich mal ein Foto von unserer Firmenweihnachtsfeier angehängt 😀 Und ja, es hat wirklich sehr viel geschneit an dem Abend!!! Bin aber ohne wirkliche Erkältung davon gekommen! Mal sehen, was das nächste Jahr machen.

Hawaii Xmas 2008
Hawaii Xmas 2008

Stop smoking …

Today … I decided to stop smoking. Another try. A couple of people joking that I did it a few times a week and that it can’t be as difficult as it sounds. But this time I’m really serious. I was thinking about the money blown to the air and the taste of my kisses …

This should end now … i’ve bought nicotinell chewing gum and my sister gave me her nicotine patches to ease the affliction.

At weekends or when I’m with my girlfriend, it’s easy to go without smoking, but at work .. after hours of meetings or boring work at visual basic scripts and that shit .. I’m craving for the sweet taste of smoke from my blue Galoiuses …

THIS is the end!!! I’ve tried to reduce my consumption! But that’s no choice!!!

Monday was the last day, I was inhalting cigarette smoke!

Autumn is near …

The autumn
The autumn

Today’s morning, before i got my ride to work, i took a look from my balcony.
What i’ve seen there, was beautiful … the autumn has arrived.
Autumn, my favourite season 🙂

So that everbody knows from what i’m talking, i took a photo 😀

I’m looking forward to many hours of airing with my girlfriend. After then sitting in the living room on the couch, drinking a cup of warm tea and making comfortable under four eyes 😉