Stop smoking …

Today … I decided to stop smoking. Another try. A couple of people joking that I did it a few times a week and that it can’t be as difficult as it sounds. But this time I’m really serious. I was thinking about the money blown to the air and the taste of my kisses …

This should end now … i’ve bought nicotinell chewing gum and my sister gave me her nicotine patches to ease the affliction.

At weekends or when I’m with my girlfriend, it’s easy to go without smoking, but at work .. after hours of meetings or boring work at visual basic scripts and that shit .. I’m craving for the sweet taste of smoke from my blue Galoiuses …

THIS is the end!!! I’ve tried to reduce my consumption! But that’s no choice!!!

Monday was the last day, I was inhalting cigarette smoke!

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  1. I don’t know if it bolsters his motivation if you tell him, that his kisses are tasty, right now 😉

    But most definitely: YAY!! 😀

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