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Stop smoking …

Today … I decided to stop smoking. Another try. A couple of people joking that I did it a few times a week and that it can’t be as difficult as it sounds. But this time I’m really serious. I was thinking about the money blown to the air and the taste of my kisses …

This should end now … i’ve bought nicotinell chewing gum and my sister gave me her nicotine patches to ease the affliction.

At weekends or when I’m with my girlfriend, it’s easy to go without smoking, but at work .. after hours of meetings or boring work at visual basic scripts and that shit .. I’m craving for the sweet taste of smoke from my blue Galoiuses …

THIS is the end!!! I’ve tried to reduce my consumption! But that’s no choice!!!

Monday was the last day, I was inhalting cigarette smoke!

Autumn is near …

The autumn
The autumn

Today’s morning, before i got my ride to work, i took a look from my balcony.
What i’ve seen there, was beautiful … the autumn has arrived.
Autumn, my favourite season 🙂

So that everbody knows from what i’m talking, i took a photo 😀

I’m looking forward to many hours of airing with my girlfriend. After then sitting in the living room on the couch, drinking a cup of warm tea and making comfortable under four eyes 😉

On the road again! … soon

Todays evening, when others usually enjoy parties etc, i’ve decided to work further on my bike.
Intenting to drive at least a few more kilometers this year, i have to change my defect suspension shock absorbers. far too long, i’ve waited…
So, i’ve gone into my garage, with my new IKON shock absorbers, and thought ‘there’re only four screws, that must go very fast…
Ha! Through corrosion and weather, these screws stuck really hard.
It takes much strength and endurance to easy the tiny louses…
But finally they retreat and i was able to change my shock absorbers.
Now, there’s only to change the oil and filter ’til riding my bike again and making the streets precarious again 😀

A new try … but this time in english

I’ve decided to show more activity in things like blogging. The most time, i don’t really know what to tell and post…

Well, i’ll try to post more from this moment and than, as a simple exercise for my ‘writing’, do this in english. So, please be patient with me and my grammar 😉

I’m hardly working on it!